Arrogance Diminishes Wisdom ~ Arabian Proverb

Proclamation for Richard Robinson


Proclamation for Richard Robinson after 10 years of Service as Road Agent for Hampton FAlls.


 VOTE for Lou Gargiulo - Selectman March 12, 2019!


An honorable man does not disrespect the contributions of a hard-working employee regardless of any differences in views. This behavior by Jim is akin to this quote from Bill Graham: A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have respect for anyone.

When Facts Get in the Way

Subverting the will of the people: Ex-moderator calls on selectmen to reverse vote on generator


In a solid victory to fund the generator, Selectmen Ziolkowski and Beattie voted to subvert the will of the people of Hampton Falls. I will never vote against the will of the people!

Hampton Falls Code of Ethics (12/18/13 Adoption Reaffirmed 3/12/18)


I pledge to the voters of Hampton Falls I will sign the Hampton Falls Ethics policy!

Selectman Ziolkowski hasn't signed on. 

Ziolkowski declined to discuss the ethics policy!


L. M. Smith asked if J. E. Ziolkowski wished to discuss the portion of the Ethics Policy he is not in favor of.    J. E. Ziolkowski declined.     

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Vested Personal Interest

A member of the Board of Selectmen should not have a personal interest in two of the most costly town contracts, Winter Road Maintenance and Road Agent. 

See Duties and Responsibilities and Contracted Services at:

Selectman Ziolkowski is married to Hilliard’s step-daughter.


Selectmen select new town road agent, Mr. Russell Hillard. Selectman Ziolkowski is married to Hillard's step daughter. 

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A political Shell Game; an assurance ruse designed for deception.


Selectman Ziolkowski shifted resources then claimed a victory. There was never any money returned to the tax payers in Hampton Falls.  Jim raided the Rainy Day Fund and reallocated to the tax rate. He just shifted the funds to hold off on the inevitable tax increase after the 2019 Town election.

When Facts Get in the Way

Selectman ZIOLKOWSKI denied Waste contract, sues Hampton falls


ELM Co., Environmental Landscape Management Company, owned and operated By Selectman Jim Ziolkowski Denied Waste Removal Contract, Sues Hampton Falls!

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Good advice is always certain to be ignored ~ A. Christie


Ziolkowski ignores Selectman Smith's caution not to be Chair due to Winter Road Maintenance Conflict of interest, Seconds Motion and Votes for Himself:








The difference between a statesman and a politician


The contrast of skills and the importance of the opportunity to talk to the voters is significant!

THE billboard TRuck is on the road!


Shout out to Andrew for making this happen! And special thanks to Keith, Kara Ann, Jacki, Shaina and Ashley!

The Devil is in the detail!


Select Meeting Minutes 10/16/18

ELM’s (Ziolkowski owned and operated )proposal is to forego the 2018/2019 CPI increase of 3.3% in exchange for obtaining a three year extension of the existing Agreement through the years 2021/2022, with a fixed price of $197,000 for 2018/2019, along with a price of $197,000 plus CPI for winter season years of 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022, representing a potential reduction in the 2019 budget of $32,037.All other terms of the Agreement remain as is J. Ziolkowski left the meeting at this time (12:25 p.m.)

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Wheeling and Dealing Jim!


Select Meeting Minutes 10/30/18

 J. E. Ziolkowski recused himself from the Board and left the table to allow discussion of Environmental Landscape Management’s proposal to reduce the costs for 2019 in exchange for a three-year extension of contract agreement. L. M. Smith spoke with Attorney Margaret Burns, New Hampshire Municipal Association. She recommended the three-year extension of the winter road maintenance contract go out to bid in accordance with state statute 95:1 due to J. Ziolkowski’s position as a public official. Attorney Steve Buckley, NHMA also recommended, in the interest of transparency,  putting the contract with the public official out to bid.  The budget line for winter road maintenance service is to remain as is. The Board did not have any further comments on the budget. J. E. Ziolkowski stated he is opposed to the budget 

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My Pledge to the Residents of Hampton Falls



~ Return Civility to the Select Board Meetings  Treat all Hampton Falls, Residents. Employees, and Contractors with Respect, Dignity and Professionalism.  

~ Work with the Board of Selectman to Record Select Board Meetings so they are Available to the Town Residents for Review.  

~ Sign and Adhere to the Town Code of Ethics  Maintain Open and Honest Dialogue with All Town Employees  

~ Support all Town Committees, and the School Board and Assist them in Accomplishing their Missions.  

~ Work to Ensure the Property Tax Rate is Stable, and All Tax Dollars are Spent Wisely.  

~ Strive to Keep Hampton Falls the Beautiful Rural Town that it is, with a Great School, a Well-Equipped Fire Department, and a Stellar Police Department.

~ I will Donate any Money Received for the Position of Selectman from the Town to a Town Organization each year.   

~ Work with the Select Board to Ensure that Town Office Personnel have the Technology Necessary to Operate Efficiently.        

Lou Gargiulo,

Candidate for Selectman for Hampton Falls, NH