Lou Gargiulo for State Representative District 14 Special Election 2011

Campaign Issues

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Lou Gargiulo for State Representative

 “As a successful small business owner, I know what it takes to meet a budget and make payroll.   The New Hampshire House of Representatives needs more leaders with a common sense, conservative approach to help grow our economy and deal with the rising budget deficit.  I’ll help stop the growth of government and give taxpayers and small businesses the freedom they need to succeed."           

– Lou Gargiulo


Gargiulo Agenda


  1. Grow the economy and create jobs.  This year’s legislature has done a good job passing legislation to help small businesses but we can’t stop until more jobs are being created.

  1. Resolve reported $800 million dollar budget deficit.  There are no easy answers to solving the budget deficit.  We need to cut spending, create more efficiencies and stop increasing taxes on the citizens of New Hampshire.

  1. Work to reduce the cost of energy.  The cost of gas is out of control and we need to do our part to reduce the cost of energy which are among the highest in the country.


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Residence: Linden Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844
Business Office: 3 Holland Way, Exeter, NH 03833

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